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En la Prensa
En la Prensa
El Patio Latino en la TVEl Patio Latino en la TV
TV Program: "Impactes"   TV2.   1995
Interview with Mrs. Marina Samaniego in reference to emigrants’ feelings about Peruvian and Ecuadorian border conflict.
TV Program: "Especial Gràcia"   BTV.   1997
Article focused on getting to know the opinion of diverse foreign groups about the Barcelonian district of Gracia, where EPL-Barcelona is located.
TV Program: "Bon Dia Catalunya"   TV3.   1997
Interview with Mrs. Marina Samaniego, in this famous TV morning magazine, speaking about exotic food and specifically: the Peruvian.
TV Program: "Karakia"  Canal 33.   2002.
Article titled "La Peña Criolla", relating to the Peruvian gastronomic and musical diffusion that EPL-Barcelona makes.
See the Karakia web page Article Ver el reportaje
TV Program: "Magazine Gastronomía"   BTV.    2002
Article about Peruvian gastronomy and its speciality - "Ceviche"


El Patio Latino en la RadioEl Patio Latino en la Radio
Radio Nacional de España.   July, 1994
Interview with Arturo Cavero, Oscar Avilés and Marina Samaniego speaking about their Peruvian “Criolla” music and their European tour.
Radio Nacional de España.   May, 1995
Interview with Mrs. Marina Samaniego about Cecilia Barraza’s European Tour, organized by El Patio Latino - Promociones Culturales.
Radio Nacional de España.   August, 1997
Interview with Mrs. Marina Samaniego, organizer of the ten European cities Tour of Eva Ayllon and her artistic group.
Radio "Gladys Palmera".   January, 2000
Interview with the presenter Humberto Nuñez, about the anniversary of the foundation of the city of Lima.
Radio "L'Estel".   March, 2002.
Interview with Mr. Alberto Maraví about Peruvian culinary from El Patio Latino – Barcelona.


El Patio Latino en la Prensa EscritaEl Patio Latino en la Prensa Escrita
Magazine: "Barcelona Concept"   June, 1993.
"To make a trip to Peru without moving out of Gracia [..] a pure and true Peruvian cuisine without concession to europeism [..] whole Families vibrate ingesting their exotic and delicious dishes [..]"
Newspaper: "El Periódico de Catalunya"  August, 1993
"Air from the South in "El Patio Latino"; where dinner begins with a Pisco Sour that goes to your head smoothly [..] delicious Peruvian dishes: anticuchos, tamales, ceviches, a specialized and tasty cuisine, very well accepted in this town, so opened to diversity. [..]"
Magazine: "El Sol de América"  December, 1993
"El Patio Latino restaurant specializing in Peruvian cuisine, which this October celebrated its first anniversary of being open to the Peruvian-Catalan public [..] In this short time not only has it gained the preference of its selected customers, but also, very positive opinions and reviews, from impartial experts of the gastronomic diversity of this city [..] "
Guide-Book: Guia de Restaurants Exótics de Catalunya
"We tasted sensational and delicate tamales we also recommend Papas a la huancaína and for the most carnivorous: Anticuchos, [..] the lovers of diversity and mixtures can order a Cordillera, consisting of a portion of Seco de cordero, and Aji de gallina, accompanied with white rice [..] "
Newspaper: "El Periódico de Catalunya"  December 23th , 1993
"Marina Samaniego fills with pride when there is a party in her house: El Patio Latino. She came to Barcelona with her husband Miguel Domínguez and her two sons [..] Pisco Sour, a cocktail of Pisco spirit, lemon, egg whites and cinnamon, will flow around. People will talk about how things are going[..] Carols from the Andean Mountains will be sung to the rhythm of the percussion and guitar, to heat up the night, they will be dancing 'Negroide' and 'Marinera' [..]"
See the complete Article.

Magazine: Guía del Ocio. 2000
"The establishment is cosy and typically Peruvian, decoration emphasises objects coming from the highlands, the coast and Rainforest of Peru [.. ] they have typical dishes like Ceviche; fish marinated in lemon[…] "
Magazine: "Somos Surco" Lima-Perú.   October, 2001
"[…] and the conservation of Surco’s traditions, encouraged our compatriot Marina Samaniego to invest in our district […] Last August 17th. "El Patio Latino"-Surco-Lima; opened presenting the best Peruvian food, like Sancochado, Huatia, Tamalitos, Chicharrones, Picarones, combined with Spanish dishes such as the traditional Paella, squids from Galicia, Gazpacho, and others […]"
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Newspaper: "El Comercio"   Lima-Perú.    February 8th, 2002
"[...] It was opened last August and it seduces the Peruvians with the traditional paellas, the Spanish omelette, the prawns ‘al ajillo’, Andalusian ‘gazpacho’, mussels ‘a la marinera’ and the Galician style […]”
Newspaper: "El Comercio"   Lima-Perú.    March 8th, 2002
"[…] and they opened ‘El Patio Latino’, and brought the glory of the ‘Criolla’ music there, Eva Ayllón, Cecilia Barraza, Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cavero and Oscar Aviles […]"
See the complete article.

Newspaper: "Herald Tribune"  Ticket Sarasota.   January, 2012
"[…] The destination is El Patio Latino (EPL), a Peruvian restaurant that has come highly recommended. […]"
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El Patio Latino in Herald Tribune